Brand creation



Visual identity and Brand design, Image strategy and Art direction, International advertising campaign, Film, Product naming, Website, Social media, Print.

White Space is the story of a meeting between an entrepreneur passionate about design, and Omedia. This inspired encounter saw both parties embark on a thrilling project.

Creating beauty and rousing dreams. Merging creativity and functionality.
Combining innovation, design and artisanal talent to serve creation, give birth to a harmonious space, and transform a house into a home, a living space.

Art of living is the driving force behind White Space, the new Moroccan brand focused on modern furniture and specialised in the creation and manufacturing of sofas, coffee tables and carpets. Working hand-in-hand with the founder, Omedia developed a unique brand.

From creating the brand’s logo to developing its full branding identity, from institutional films to the 4×3 campaign, from creating the website to social media: the creative adventure was infinite, engaging, validating and rewarding.

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